Friday, April 17, 2015

Sliced Pom

EDIT: somehow I deleted this while trying to add a tag. oops! here it is again, so everything is in the same place. 

This coming November the Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild will be presenting an exhibit on modern quilting at the Gathering quilt show in Manchester NH. When this was announced we discussed the characteristics of modern quilts and how our quilts fit into this sliding scale of modern-traditional. 

I decided that in order to have a quilt that I was happy to have hanging at a show I would make at least one new quilt to submit. This is the first concept I played around with -slice and insert using Kona solids Pomegranate and Cyan. I originally cut my background pink blocks to 14inches square, but after inserting my 1.5in blue strips they were beyond the capabilities of my rulers to square up, so I cut the blocks into 9 4.5 inch squares each and reassembled those into my quilt top. 
I quilted only in the pink background using the McTavishing quilting motif which gave it amazing texture and really made those blue sections pop! 

I still need to add a label and hanging sleeve to this quilt, but I am very pleased with the outcome! 

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